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Mediation & Arbitration

Using Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation, the traditional means of resolving legal disputes, can be time consuming and costly.

At the Hart Law Office in Marlborough, Massachusetts, we are not limited to the traditional means of resolving disputes. Our attorneys are experienced in forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR): mediation and arbitration.

Mediation and arbitration can be used to address family law and divorce, probate and estate administration disputes, personal injury claims and more. Our lawyers are ready to help you determine if ADR is right for your case.

Our commitment to you: High quality legal services in mediation and arbitration.

What is Mediation?

Divorce mediation, personal injury mediation and estate mediation are significantly different than taking cases to trial. Using divorce mediation as an example, cases are handled with a family law mediator serving as a person who helps both sides come to an agreement without having to go to trial.

What is the benefit of this process? First, it can be less time consuming because there is no waiting around for the court appearance. There is less chance of one side stalling the process. Second, because it takes less time and doesn't involve a trip to court, it can often be much less expensive.

What is Arbitration?

Unlike divorce and other forms of mediation, arbitration is closer in format to the traditional court case. The difference is that an arbitrator stands in for a judge.

Like traditional means, arbitration puts the decision into the hands of a third party if the two parties involved cannot come to an agreement. The process still tends to take less time than a traditional trial, so also ends up costing less money.

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