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Motor Vehicle Accidents

How to Get Fair Compensation for an Auto Accident

If you think you can get fair compensation from an insurance company on your own, think again. These are big businesses that do not simply want to give money away. They will do everything they can to provide you as little compensation as possible. If you try to work with them on your own, you may walk away with as little as half as much compensation as you deserve.

At the Hart Law Office in Marlborough, Massachusetts, our lawyers take pride in standing up for victims of car and other motor vehicle accidents. We have decades of experience taking on insurance companies and getting fair compensation for people like you.

Know How Much Compensation You Deserve

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that, if you try to handle your car accident or other auto accident case on your own, you may not even know how much compensation you deserve. The insurance companies thrive on this lack of knowledge to make people feel like they are getting a good settlement when they actually aren't.

Our attorneys take the time to determine the full value of your claim. Not only will we take your current medical bills into consideration, we will also look at any future medical costs. We will determine a value for the pain and suffering you have considered. We will consider current and future lost wages. When we understand the full value, we will ask for fair compensation.

Handling All Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our lawyers handle all types of auto accidents, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Trucking wrecks
  • Motorcycle head injuries and accidents
  • Crosswalk injury and pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents

Our commitment to you: High quality legal services on a contingency basis. You only pay if we are successful in resolving your car or auto accident case.

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