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Dog Bites

Getting Fair Compensation for Dog Bites

Dog bite cases bring different challenges than other personal injury claims. In these cases, proving negligence is not really an issue. Massachusetts law is clear that dog owners are absolutely liable in bite cases.

Instead, the challenge is getting fair compensation for injuries that often involve permanent scarring. The opposition may not understand the physical and emotional toll that these injuries can take, nor do they understand how challenging they are to treat.

The Marlborough lawyers at the Hart Law Office understand how to overcome these challenges in order to get fair compensation in your dog attack case.

The Injuries Caused by Dog Bites

When a dangerous dog attacks a person, the outcome usually isn't a disability. It's a disfiguring scar. Often, the victim is a child, a child who may have to live with a dog bite scar for the rest of his or her life. Unfortunately, the average person doesn't understand the impact this can have on a person's life.

In order to get a positive result in a personal injury case, our attorneys prepare the case for trial. When the case involves a dog bite, we have to take particular care to design an argument that will make jury members understand not only the physical impact of the injury, but the emotional and psychological impact. We have the experience to do just that.

Suing Friends, Family Members and Neighbors?

When people come to us with a dog bite case, they are concerned about suing people with whom they have some sort of relationship. Often, the dog that attacked the victim is owned by a friend, family member or neighbor.

It is important to know that the lawsuit is not against the dog owner. It is against the dog owner's insurance company. The dog owner has purchased insurance specifically to pay compensation in these situations. What we are doing is forcing the insurance company to pay the right amount of compensation.

Our commitment to you: High quality legal services on a contingency basis. You only pay if we are successful in resolving your animal attack case.

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