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Paternity Actions

The Rights of Unwed Parents

Many unmarried parents in Marlborough and the surrounding parts of Massachusetts have legal rights to child custody and child support. In order to fully enjoy these parental rights, paternity actions may be necessary.

At the Hart Law Office, our lawyers have experience helping unwed parents through the process of establishing paternity and taking advantage of their parental rights.

Paternity Actions for Mothers

Raising a child is an expensive endeavor. As a single mother, making ends meet can be extremely challenging. You have the right to seek child support payments from the child's father.

The first step in the process is establishing paternity. In some cases, this is simply a matter of having the father fill out the appropriate documents. In other cases, we may have to take action against the father and have DNA testing conducted in order to legally establish paternity actions.

It is important to note that, while establishing paternity entitles you the right to seek child support payments, it also grants rights to the father. The father may seek custody or visitation arrangements to be involved in the child's life.

Paternity Actions for Fathers

As the father of a child, you have the right to be part of the child's life, including visitation.

If the child was born outside of a marriage, it is first necessary to establish paternity. This may be a matter of simply signing the appropriate documentation or it may require DNA testing to scientifically prove that you are the child's father.

After paternity is established, our attorneys can help you get custody or visitation arrangements. Of course, with parental rights come parental responsibilities. After being legally established as the father, you may be asked to contribute child support.

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