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Changing Your Divorce Agreement

Your divorce may have been finalized years ago, but you may still have the right to seek modification to a child support or alimony order depending on the circumstances. A change in your former spouse's circumstances may also lead to modification of a child support or spousal support order.

You can seek changes to child custody and visitation plans as well as child support and, and possibly alimony. The attorneys at the Hart Law Office in Marlborough, Massachusetts, are available to help you make the necessary changes as quickly as possible. We can also argue against modification to a support or custody order if you believe that your former spouse's request is unreasonable.

What Constitutes a Significant Change in Circumstances?

Modification of an order after divorce cannot be requested without good reason. A party requesting modification must have a reason and it has to be significant.

A significant reason to request a change in child support or alimony may be loss of a job or a major reduction in income. Similarly, you may be able to request a change if your spouse has had a significant increase in income and you want to see that reflected in support payments.

The changes that could lead to a modification of child custody and visitation arrangements after a divorce can be much more diverse. They can range from relocation to a different state to concerns about your former spouse putting your child in danger due to drug use.

As Children Get Older, Needs Change

One of the most common stumbling blocks in child support arrangements is the cost of college. Often, this is something that is overlooked during the initial divorce agreement, so a modification is required when a child turns age 18 and decides to pursue higher education.

These disputes can be complex, because of the child support exceptions made for children over 18 when attending college. Our lawyers know how to handle these complex issues in order to help your child obtain the necessary financial support for a good education.

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