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In Times of Crisis Our Protection Stands Out


Getting You Through Your Divorce

As you go through the divorce process, your questions will change. At first, you may be more concerned with immediate issues: Who gets to stay at the house until the divorce is finalized? Where will the kids live for now?

As we move forward, your questions may shift focus to the future: How will you make ends meet for you and your child? Will you get a fair property settlement considering how much you put into your house?

At the Hart Law Office, our lawyers take pride in being there to answer all of your questions throughout your divorce case. You will know where you stand and you will know where you're going. We'll get you there.

Divorce is More Than Just Divorce

Divorce actually encompasses a variety of connected issues that all need to be resolved:

Our attorneys can handle all of these issues gracefully, while pursuing an outcome that meets your needs.

Uncontested Divorce and Contested Divorce

Most people would prefer an uncontested divorce. They would prefer to have their case resolved without the cost, time and stress of fighting the matter out in court. For most, an uncontested divorce is not realistic due to the conflicts at the heart of the dispute.

While we will pursue uncontested divorce, and can provide mediation or arbitration services as alternative dispute resolution options, we have the experience to handle even the most challenging contested divorce cases in Marlborough and the surrounding parts of Massachusetts.

Our commitment to you: High quality legal services for family law matters.

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